HighSide offers 2 ways to share files, SecureDrive and File Attachments within chats. What really is the difference between these 2 offerings? The encryption is the exact same between the 2, sharing files through SecureDrive and through File Attachments are both ultra secure using HighSide's end to end encryption. The main difference between the 2 platforms is the collaboration aspect. With File attachments you're sending a file as a downloadable attachment and edits made to that file need to be made, saved, and resent back in order for the original sender to see those edits. With SecureDrive we simplify the process and enhance it to allow users to put files in Drives and share Drives between users. Any edits that get saved back to the Drive get automatically synced to the other users that have access and can be immediately seen by those users. SecureDrive allows you to revert to a previous version using the Version History feature, as well as ensuring nothing gets accidentally deleted by allowing the Drive owner to untrash items that may have been accidentally deleted. SecureDrive enables companies to collaboratively work on files in an end to end encrypted fashion meeting all security and compliance needs while also being easier to use and layering right in to the native file system of your machine.