If you and a team member compare HighSide addresses and find a mismatch, there is a problem.

Possible causes:

  • Perhaps a user used a co-worker's signup token by mistake and now people's addresses are associated with the wrong names in the admin's contact list.

    Solution: See if the address is associated with a different person by mistake. The admin can correct this by removing the affected users from the contact list and re-adding them. They will get new signup tokens and can use them. If you are confused or need help, you can always contact HighSide directly for assistance.

  • Perhaps an attacker is trying to perform a man-in-the-middle attack in an effort to eavesdrop on your messages or impersonate users.

    This would be difficult but is theoretically possible. If you are confident that the user didn't accidentally use a different user's signup token, please take screenshots of both of your clients showing the address discrepancy and submit a help ticket on our website. The user should discontinue use of HighSide until we are able to look into the issue. It should still be safe for other users in your company to continue using HighSide as long as they are verified.