When you trash a file in SecureDrive, your file is stored fully encrypted on our server for the allotted time set in your Drive Settings (Default 30 days). The amount of time these trashed files are stored is fully configurable within the Drive settings and can be set to any amount of time needed (As long as centuries and as short as hours). This temporary hold on files is in case these files were mistakenly trashed or need to be restored for any reason. Files in the trash can also be permanently deleted manually at any point in time. HighSide wipes any files in the trash that have exceeded the Trash Retention Period at 12:00 UTC nightly, because of this sometimes files set for a 24 hour deletion will have to wait slightly longer as they have to have the full 24 hour period and then also pass 12:00 UTC to be deleted. If you have any questions about trashing files and trash retention please contact us