Using SecureDrive to share files with your external guest users is easy and simple to do! First you should start by inviting your guest user to your team and making sure their permissions are set to the “Guest” user group (Or whichever custom user permission group you determine they need to be in)


Once the user has been invited and has accepted the invite, you can go about sharing files with them in one of two ways. Firstly you can give them access to the drive where the file that they need access to is being kept. However if that drive has files they shouldn’t have access to then that won’t be an option. The option for this case would be to create a new drive with whatever label you’d like to use to differentiate it from you other drives, add the file that needs to be added, and then give the guest user access to this drive. They’ll be able to make any changes that need to be made. Once their edits have been made, you can take the new version of the file, put it back in the original drive, and delete the temporary drive for guest user access and deactivate and remote wipe that temporary guest user if that is what is needed.