For reference, we will maintain a list of "coming soon" features on this page; it serves as a simple product roadmap. 

Only major features will be outlined, not bug fixes or minor enhancements. These outlines are estimates and not firm release dates. Some features may be deployed in a different order, changed or abandoned. 

Quarter 4, 2018

  • Drag and drop file upload UI enhancements (desktop) 
  • Additional notification preferences settings for all OS platforms  
  • File upload/management tab enhancements
  • In-app link and image previews on desktop (exists on mobile) 


  • Billing system upgrades
  • Channel management enhancements 
  • Improved search functionality (contextual search, boolean search)

  • Encrypted voice & video chat support 

  • Secure screen sharing 

  • Ability to "star" specific messages/files
  • Ability to "reply" to specific messages in a channel
  • Ability to better sort/organize your sidebar 
  • Public-facing integrations API 
  • Away/Idle user status settings 
  • Active Directory/LDAP Integration
  • Authorized device" management 
  • Ability to import message history from Slack/HipChat
  • Scan attachments for viruses when uploading/downloading 

  • Secure "data vault" (organize files into folders, access controls, etc.) 

  • Additional work productivity tools/functionality for organizations handling highly sensitive data

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