Here is HighSide's step by step guide to migrate from Hotshot Version 3.4 to HighSide Version 4.0! This is a necessary step as Hotshot will no longer be supported going forward. This guide covers both Desktop and Mobile versions of the app (See Mobile below Desktop)


To start the migration process, first enter Hotshot, Click on settings, and then click on the “Backup/Import Key” tab

Scroll to the bottom and click on “Show Import Key”

Copy these 14 unique key words these will be needed when setting up the Highside app

Next, in a web browser, navigate to 

Click the operating system for the device where Highside will be downloaded. 

Highside will launch after installing

Open the Highside app and select “Sign in/ Accept Invite”

Then select “Sign into existing account”

Finally paste your 14 word key and select “Sign In”

You should still have all of your private messages but you will need to rejoin any channels you were a part of

NOTE: Chats and Contacts can take up to 15 minutes to filter in to the new app


Load up Hotshot and you will be prompted to download the new and improved app Highside.

Navigate to the settings tab and select “Backup/Import Key” 

then copy the 14 word import key somewhere that you can access it later.

In the Highside app, select “Signup / Accept Invite”

then select “Sign into existing account”

input that 14 word code. This will join your desired team and allow you to have all of your private messages you had on the Hotshot app and will let you join any channel you had access to previously