HighSide was built by design without the need to support proxies given that the platform fully encrypts all data being sent on the local endpoint before it even touches a network, so proxies for the purpose of inspecting data, would find no use with HighSide. HighSide currently recommends that clients add a rule into their firewall/proxy that allows traffic in and out based on the following ports and protocols: 

  1. highside.io 
  2. relayproduction.Highside.io
  3. maps.googleapis.com.

These servers do not have static IP's, all of the above connections should be allowed on port 443.

*Note* Google Maps is only used when admins are creating location restrictions for a user group, Google Maps is not used anywhere else

Also note that HighSide uses a self signed certificate so if your network has self signed certificates block you may need to file for an exception to use HighSide.

You may also need 5349 TCP - for fallback network video/audio communications over TCP if the initial connection is blocked.