Setting up the HighSide SecureTeams plugin is super simple and can be accomplished in 3 steps! All of these steps are taken from the perspective of the Admin for the Microsoft Teams team you'd like to set this up for.

Step 1: Find the HighSide SecureTeams plugin

Microsoft Teams has an app store for their plugins where you can find the Teams plugin. This store lives at the bottom left of the Teams UI 

After entering the store you'll be prompted with a search bar where you can simply type in "HighSide" which will bring you to the correct plugin

Step 2: Add the plugin to your team

Now that you've found the plugin, you'll need to add it to your team, from the screen above, click the drop down which will allow you to click "Add to a Team"

After clicking "Add to a team" you'll be able to add the plugin to whichever team and channel you would like

Here I've added the plugin to the HighSideTeamsKB team and more specifically the General channel. The plugin will be available in all channels for that team, however private message and DM functionality is not currently available.

Step 3: Register your TenantID with HighSide

Once you click "Set up a bot" you'll be brought to the channel you chose to set up the bot in, and you'll be able to open the plugin which will show you this screen:

Once you're here simply type your email and click "Register Account", after doing so you'll be able to use the HighSide plugin freely! We ask for your email address to verify your account with our sales and billing department and to reach out if we run into any troubles.