With the HighSide SecureTeams plugin for Microsoft Teams, sending encrypted messages in Microsoft Teams has never been easier. This article assumes you've already been through the setup process and have the plugin installed in your team, if you haven't check out the guide to do that here

To start, you'll need to click the HighSide plugin icon which should be at the bottom with the rest of your teams plugins (If you don't see it, click the 3 dots at the bottom and find HighSide within your installed plugins that way)

After clicking the icon you'll get brought to a screen where you have to set a password. Our UI helps you to create a strong password with lots of points of entropy to ensure attackers don't break this password. This password is independent from your Microsoft Teams password and should be treated as such. This also means if an attacker gets hold of your Microsoft Teams login, they won't have access to your encrypted messages as they'll need the HighSide password as well. You will only need to input this password on initial creation and if you sign out of Teams you'll need to input your HighSide password again when you log back in.

After you set your password you'll need to reopen the plugin where you can then start sending encrypted messages! You'll need a subject and a Message. The Subject is shown to all users and is never encrypted, the message body is always encrypted and can only be unencrypted on a users machine who has access to the message.

When you click "Send" the plugin will create a card which gets put in a normal Microsoft Teams message, after this card is created you can send the message as you would any normal Microsoft Teams message

The messages show up as a card within a Teams message and anyone with access to the message will be able to click "Open Encrypted Message" and read the message that was sent. Anyone without access will get an error message giving them helpful hints as to why they might not have access.