HighSide Teams has the ability to rotate a users keys if they have forgotten their password or have reason to believe their account has been compromised. This rotate keys function allows for a user to generate themselves a brand new key pair in order to regain access to the environment. In doing so, the user will lose access to their previous message history. This is because when you generate a brand new encryption key the previous messages were not encrypted with that new key and therefore your new key cannot decrypt the older messages. This is extremely useful if you think a bad actor may have compromised your Teams account and may have also compromised your HighSide Teams password and could be viewing your data. This feature serves as a data loss protection tool as well as how a user can regain access to their account if they've forgotten their password. If a user has forgotten their password it is the same as having lost their encryption key and they'll need to get an entirely new one in order to start using the app again.

If you have more questions about the Rotate keys feature or need help with anything HighSide Teams please email support@highside.io