Adding the HighSide for Teams tab to a chat is simple and easy -if you are looking to add HighSide for Teams to a channel and not a chat, simply follow the guide here. To get started, follow the steps below and you’ll be chatting securely and privately in no time.

*Before trying to add HighSide for Teams to a chat,, your administrator will have to follow the instructions here to make the HighSide for Teams app available to your tenant. 

    1. Navigate to the chat tab on the left hand side of Microsoft Teams and select a chat with users that are all a part of your organization

    2. Inside a chat, there will be a + symbol at the top, next to your other currently active tabs (By default Teams should have Chat and Files shown at the top). 

  • ***If you don’t see the + symbol apps may not be allowed in the chat you’re currently using. This typically happens with chats that have external users and have an “External” label at the top right of the chat. If you want to securely chat with external users, quickly create a channel, invite those users, and add HighSide for Teams to that channel (you can find a quick guide on this here)

    3. After clicking the + you’ll be brought to a screen similar to the app store where you can search for all available apps with tab integrations.

    4. Type “HighSide” into the search bar and the application will appear.

    5. Next, click the app icon and click “Save”. This will add the application to your chat and you can begin using HighSide for Teams in your private chat conversations.