Adding HighSide for Teams as a tab in your channel is easy and you can start securely chatting and sharing files with groups of users (and external users) with just a few simple steps. 

*Before trying to add HighSide for Teams to a channel, your administrator will have to follow the instructions here to make the HighSide for Teams app available to your tenant. 

`    1. When viewing the Teams chat you will see a + symbol in the top of the Teams chat bar.

    2. Click the + symbol, this will bring up the “Add a Tab” screen

    3. Search for “HighSide” (Conversely if you’ve recently added HighSide for Teams to another team it should show in recents and you can simply click it from there).

    4. Click the HighSide for Teams icon, this will bring up a confirmation message where you can then click “Save” and HighSide for Teams will be added to the top bar as a tab

    5. When you click the HighSide for Teams tab for the first time, you’ll be prompted to go through the signup process where you’ll create a secure password to safeguard your encryption keys (remember, we cannot reset your password, so make sure you keep it safe!). If this is not your first time using HighSide for Teams, you’ll be dropped right into the private and secure conversation!